About the show

“To Say the Least” is a culmination of the dreams of two childhood friends with a lifelong love of game shows. Growing up in Mundelein, Ill., Jake Zukowski and Dan Aske weren’t your normal high schoolers. Instead of weekend partying and getting in trouble with the law, these two gathered friends together for late-night Game Show Network marathons. In 2009, the pair decided to live by the adage “Those who can do” and created the Internet’s first podcast game show, beating competitors by weeks.

Key game show influences include The Match Game, $25,000 Pyramid, Press Your Luck and oddly enough New Treasure Hunt hosted by Geoff Edwards.

Simultaneously based in Seattle and Chicago, To Say the Least is a Ponyloaf, Inc., production.

About the host

Jake Zukowski keeps the jokes coming and the booze flowing.

About the producer

Dan Aske keeps the trains running on time. As producer, it’s his job to coordinate clues during rounds, maintaining the host’s focus and otherwise troubleshoot the program. Does that mean he knows anything about operating the sound board or other technical issues? Well, no. But he gets by with tenacity and sturdy Midwestern sensibility (tinged with biting sarcasm and a welcoming cynicism).

Show rules

To Say the Least is word game in which two pairs of partners describe a word or phrase using two, three or five words. The fewer words you use, the more points you win! The points winner from the first two rounds wins minor Internet notoriety followed by the chance of making The Gold Run.

Round 1 – The Card Round

The winning team of a pre-show coin flip chooses a word/phrase numbered from 1-20 from the game board. Partner One decides whether to describe the term for their partner using five, three or two words. If Partner Two guesses the term correctly, the team either 50, 25, or 10 points. If Partner Two guesses incorrectly, the other team gets a chance to steal for a lesser, though still substantial, number of points. Partners alternate between giving and guessing. Round One typically lasts 10 minutes.

Round 2 – The Bidding Round

Partners from each team bid on the number of words they would use to describe a term using five, three or two words. The team using the fewest number of words guesses first for double the points of Round One. As in Round One, partners alternate between giving and guessing. Round Two typically lasts 10 minutes.

Bonus Round – The Gold Run

The winning team have their shot at minor Internet game show fame and notoriety during our bonus round. One player gives the clues, the other answers. If the team can score four answers in 120 seconds, they will win the Gold Run. But the name of the game is To Say the Least, so what they win depends on the number of clue words given. 20–16 clue words scores a Bronze Medal, 15–11 scores a Silver Medal, and 10 clues or less scores a coveted Gold Medal.